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Runabout, Phaeton or Touring Car?

You never know what you might find in the records of the dry-sounding “Department of the Provincial Secretary”at the Archives of Ontario. The Department was an all-encompassing, catch-all arm of the Ontario government from which other departments “hatched” when they were needed.

Motor vehicle license 48, Archives of Ontario RG 14-48, MS 261

Motor vehicle license 48, Archives of Ontario RG 14-48, MS 261

In 1903, the government decided that they really ought to keep track of these new-fangled automobiles. The Provincial Secretary’s Office got the job for the first dozen years.

The following list is transcribed from a bound book of the first licenses issued, from August 1903 to May 1904. The pages have a perforation on the right where the owners’ copies were detached. They’re in numerical order—a bit messed up at the end. John C. Eaton had the honor of licenses number 1 and 2.

As you can see in the sample, each license shows the type of car, who made it and what made it go, as well as an address for the owner. Many of them also show subsequent owners of the vehicle—taking the records beyond the 1904 date. That’s why you see some license numbers on the list more than once.

Interesting to see the variety of manufacturers, some recognizable like Olds, and Rambler, and CCM (the middle C for Cycle), but lots of others.

Interesting to see the variety of owners, too. Some recognizable names, lots of doctors, mostly in Toronto. I may just write more about some of them.

You can find the licenses (RG 14-48) at the Archives of Ontario on microfilm MS 261.

Vehicle owner Post Office License number
Alexander, W H Toronto 7
Anderson, J A Toronto 106
Andrews, E St. Mary’s 130
Applegath, L J Toronto 214
Arlidge, Walter F C Meaford 124
Armstrong, Arthur L Toronto 21
Arnott, H G Hamilton 212
Atkinson, T.R. Simcoe 94
Auld, James W Toronto 135
Austin, Chas A Simcoe 120
Bailey, F W Toronto 13
Baille, Mrs Frank Toronto 186
Baillie, F W Toronto 45
Baillie, James W Toronto 45
Barard, C.E. London 153
Barthelines, A A Toronto 391
Beardmore, Alf O Toronto 98
Beardmore, Alfred Owen Toronto 204
Beatty, A A Toronto 87
Beck, Charles Toronto 174
Bell, A Toronto 35
Bernard, C.E. London 113
Berouse, H Ottawa 345
Bickford, E H Toronto 110
Blackburn, A R Toronto 225
Blackstock, Thomas Gibbs Toronto 179
Blain, E B Forest 205
Bohns, W Toronto 391
Bolme, W Toronto 54, 55
Bond, J 130
Boosberry, John Walker Oshawa 184
Bothwell, Wm D Barrie 201
Bourne, Joseph Toronto 58
Bowman, C.W. Ingersoll 146
Boys, Mr Barrie 86
Bradley, W J Toronto 165
Brennan, John Toronto 111
Bronson, W G Ottawa 96
Brown, F C Toronto 182
Burnham, Cap Toronto 206
Butcher, Nelson R Toronto 74
Cameron, Jno H Ottawa 227
Cameron, M C Toronto 160, 163
Campbell, A H 219
Campbell, F J Toronto 226
Cane, E S Newmarket 34
Carruthers, Mr Montreal 338
Cawthra, John J Toronto 15
Chandler, Walter Howard Toronto 4
Chatterson, A E Toronto 35
Clark, T K Toronto 75
Clark, T N or T F Toronto 217
Clendenning, W M Hamilton 98
Cline, A Vance Grimsby 130
Cockshutt, H. Brantford 180
Cohoon, E B Lakeview 151
Cooper, C R Toronto 20
Copeland, Robert J Toronto 173
Cornell, C W Chatham 196
Cotton, J M Toronto 31
Crawford, A.M. Wingham 236
Crofton Storage Battery Co Toronto 195
Cronyn, V London 136
Cross, Fred S Toronto 85
Cuffle, T E Toronto 270
Darch, F J London 113
Darragh, A J Toronto 245
Dean, W G Toronto 67, 167
Dixon, W V or James Toronto 11
Dixon, William V Toronto 137
Doherty, Thomas Sarnia 180, 202
Doolittle, P E Toronto 3
Doran, William L Niagara Falls 218, 249
Duffield, James C. London 147
Dunbar, Harris T Buffalo and Port Colborne 143, 199
Dunlop Tire Co Toronto 33
Durnford, Isabella C Sarnia 126
Eagen, T H Toronto 84
Eagleton, James H Hamilton 157
Eaton, John C Toronto 1, 2
Eaton, R W Toronto 178
Eaton, R Y Toronto 71, 73
Eaton, The T E Co Limited Toronto 181
Eddington, Jas A Toronto 160
Edwards, C M P Ottawa 297
Ellis, C W St. Thomas 228
Ellis, Calvin W St. Thomas 153
Ellis, R Y Toronto 80
English, E A Toronto 5
Estabrook, T H Toronto 49
Fanguier, G E Ottawa 131
Farmer, D Ancaster 234
Farrington, George Picton 128
Fawcett, James Toronto 61
Flavelle, J N Toronto 342
Fountaine, A A Ottawa 96
Foy, J V Toronto 246
Foy, James C Toronto 60
Franklin, S Toronto 54
Gage, W J Toronto 189, 190
Gardener, Chas A Foxboro 134, 155
Gibson, W J Bellevile 349
Good, Nelson Berlin 172
Gooderham, George Edgar Toronto 195
Gooderham, George H Toronto 6, 152
Gormaly, James Alexander Mimico 66
Graning, S O Hamilton 93, 95
Grant, E C Ottawa 248
Grantham, A M Toronto 221, 335
Gray, Jennie Toronto 115
Gray, Robert Chatham 197, 219
Greening, S O Hamilton 265
Greig, W J Toronto 27
Gross, J F 280
Gruning, S O Hamilton 95
Gullen, J B Toronto 8
Gurney, William Cromwell Toronto 24
Haggans, John R Toronto 184
Hall, G W Little Britain 237
Hands, W J Toronto 51
Hardman, Lt Col W G Ottawa 139, 244
Harmer, R Toronto 42
Harn, J S Merritton 164
Harterick, A G Toronto 344
Harvey, J A Toronto 45
Harvey, William Case Toronto 46
Hay, Dr Toronto 76
Hay, Stephen M Toronto 100
Hayes, A M Sarnia 125
Henderson, G E Toronto 19
Henderson, R B Toronto 69
Henderson, R S Toronto 133
Henderson, Robert Irwin Toronto 64
Hezzelwood, Oliver Oshawa 166, 242
Hill, J F Lake Simcoe 36
Hill, James Toronto 141
Hofland, John James Toronto 159
Hoidge, J R Toronto 23
Holborn, Walker Sutton West 55
Holder, R B Toronto 101
Holmes, Kingsley, Chatham 348
Howitt, W H Toronto 239
Hunter, John H Toronto 33
Hurndall, C W Toronto 59
Hyslop Bros Toronto 43, 51, 245
Irish, Mark H Toronto 18
Ivey, John D Toronto 44
Jermyn, Jas Toronto 32
Jerome, James Mourne Tilsonburg 114
Johnson, W A Toronto 92
Karr, G.S. (Mayor) Beamsville 100
Kemp, W H Toronto 56, 57
Kent, B Toronto 43
King, H Berlin 144
Knowles, W E S Dundas 215
Langley. J P Toronto 336
Langstaff, Dr Toronto 53
Langstaff, Rolph L Richmond Hill 192
Larter, Edward Toronto 231
Lashley, John C Toronto 245
LeBel, Godfroid Ottawa 171
Leclerc, Alfred Ottawa 170
Lick, Jerry Oshawa 145
Livingston, W L Toronto 216
Loose, Jas M Toronto 50
MacCallum, J M Toronto 91
Macklem, Miss Toronto 347
Madigan, Mr Toronto 117
Maguin, A W Hamilton 140
Maguire, D F Toronto 76
Main, J J Toronto 339
Main, John J Toronto 47
Malloch, Stewart E Hamilton 103, 104
Marshall, D., Aylmer 101
Martz, John Galt 172
Massey, A L Toronto 5
Massey, C A Toronto 86
Massey, C D Toronto 12
Matthews, W W Toronto 71
Maxwell, D.A. Watford 28
McBride, A H Toronto 117
McCollum, J H Keighley Toronto 265
McCrackin, T F London 130
McDonagh, J A Toronto 14
McDonald, Albert A Toronto 17
McDonald, D Toronto 235
McDonald, J A Toronto 23, 229, 335
McElroy, John A Toronto 52
McGee, H Toronto 72, 213
McHardy, Jno Guelph 144
McLachlan, Geo Toronto 99
McLeod, H C Toronto 191, 226
McMahon, Frank Toronto 38, 39, 209, 210
McMartin, Duncan Toronto 240
McMartin, John, London 240
McMichael, S W Toronto 9
Mehan, J J Watford 109
Meyers, G Toronto 216
MFarlane, John Ottawa 343
Millar, F F Napanee 4
Millen, Charles H Hull, Quebec 227, 233
Miller, Frederick Fraser Napanee 133
Milne, Harvey Toronto 40
Moodey, Wm Jas Toronto 44
Moodie, J R Hamilton 107, 108
Moodie, John Hamilton 67, 175
Moore, Monte Sarnia 162
Morrow, J H Brighton 40
Mowery, W C Toronto 168
Murray, Charles S Toronto 11
Murray, T S Toronto 346
Mutton, Frank E Toronto 31
Nairn, J J Aylmer 109
Neff, A H Benton Humberstone 116
Neuber, Isaac Waterloo 230
Normile, W J Toronto 40
Northey, J P Toronto 81
O’Keefe, J. T. Chatham 198
Ostrom, Mr 346
Parker, John T Toronto 16
Payne, Wm London 78
Peatt, Bath Stoney Creek 93
Pellatt, Henry M Toronto 161
Perfect, A H Toronto Junction 129
Phillips, Heber Bacon Toronto 238
Pogue, W H Little Britain 194
Poole, J A C Toronto 8
Price, Joseph Toronto 187
Prout, Rich’d Forest 151
Pulling, William J Windsor 156
Quinn, John F St Catharines 232
Rea, A E Toronto 220
Reade, Edgar P Toronto 37
Reaves or Reans, Campbell Toronto 22
Reid, Andrew H Toronto 97
Reid, D D Toronto 62
Reid, Thos Walkerville 90
Riky, R A Shelburne 127
Robin, V Toronto 182
Robinson, Alby, Woodstock 187
Robson, R Toronto 241
Roden, Frank Toronto 193
Rogerson, Wm Toronto 142
Rolston Electric Laundry Co Toronto 26
Ross, W J Barrie 200
Rowan, Thos A Toronto 65
Rumsey, C S St. Mary’s 122
Russell, T A Toronto 186
Ryerson, S W Toronto 10
Ryrie Bros Toronto 79
Savage, E B Toronto 185
Scadding, H Crawford Toronto 163
Sheridan, John T Toronto 203
Sherk, L Hamilton 105
Shigesaburo Ubu Kata Toronto 48
Simpson, D Ridgetown 219
Sinborn, Edwin London 138
Smette, Harry Hamilton 205
Smith, David Toronto 168
Smith, G B Toronto 25
Smith, M C Burlington 188
Smith, R H Toronto 70
Sovereen, S M Simcoe 123
Spalding, Chas Toronto 215
Stephen, Chas Windsor 149
Stevenson, R M Toronto 64
Stevenson, Robt M Toronto 102, 337
Stevenson, William Aurora 211
Stonge, H E Toronto 88, 119
Storil, J D Oshawa 247
Thompson, G W Toronto 148
Timmerman, H P Toronto 83
Tisdale, J.P. Clinton 243, 128
Todd, William Orillia 132
Toll, Edwin N Hamilton 130
Turnbull, W F Toronto 29, 57
Upthegrove, E Toronto 23
Wade, Osley Toronto 340
Warde, Frank Allandale 217
Watson, Albert D Toronto 112
Watson, Robert Toronto 41
Weber, M E Toronto 82
Webster, A F Toronto 63
Wells, Harry Toronto 118
Wenino, Paul Sarnia 150
Wescott, B G Leamington 154
Wesley, Dr Aurora 76
West, R C Woodstock 68
White, Frank Toronto 47, 247
Whittaker, Richard Sarnia 126
Wideman, L C Guelph 177
Wilcox, Horace W Hamilton 176
Williams, Geo Guelph 121
Wilson and Co Ottawa 83
Wilson, S Frank Toronto 62
Wilson, W W 280
Wilson, Wm Toronto 24
Wolk, A E Toronto 206
Wood, E R Toronto 77
Woodman Bros Hamilton 158, 169
Woolson, John Toronto 53
Wright, Jos Toronto 30, 224


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