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7:00 pm Life on the Farm
Life on the Farm
Sep 25 @ 7:00 pm
Life on the Farm @ Wellington County Museum and Archives | Fergus | Ontario | Canada
LIFE ON THE FARM: YOUR ANCESTOR’S PLACE IN ONTARIO AGRICULTURE Meeting of Wellington County Branch OGS We often think of farming as a traditional occupation—something that hasn’t really changed much. But that is not and[...]
7:30 pm Welcoming Newcomers
Welcoming Newcomers
Oct 22 @ 7:30 pm
Welcoming Newcomers @ Lansing United Church | Toronto | Ontario | Canada
WELCOMING NEWCOMERS: CANADA’S ETHNIC BENEVOLENT SOCIETIES Meeting of Toronto Branch OGS Established in the 1830s and before, societies like St. Andrew’s, St. George’s, St. Patrick’s and many other ethnic-based organizations provided guidance, financial and social[...]
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The Legacy of Magnus Shewan or “The Will in the Way”, part two

In the last episode, we learned about Toronto bookseller Magnus Shewan’s death in 1884 and that his niece Mrs. Fraser was surprised when she tried to claim her inheritance—at least according to the Toronto Daily News.

The Globe published a death notice on February 5, 1884:

DIED/ Suddenly, on Monday morning, Feb 4th, Magnus Shewan,

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