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7:30 pm Inheritance in Ontario: Estate F... @ Oshawa Public Library
Inheritance in Ontario: Estate F... @ Oshawa Public Library
Oct 7 @ 7:30 pm
Monthly meeting of the Ontario Genealogical Society’s Durham Region Branch: Ontario researchers looking for records of inheritance usually stop once they’ve found the estate file. True, it is the richest single source, but the court[...]
7:30 pm Archives of Ontario: What’s in i... @ North York Memorial Hall, Burgundy Room
Archives of Ontario: What’s in i... @ North York Memorial Hall, Burgundy Room
Oct 27 @ 7:30 pm
MONTHLY MEETING OF TORONTO BRANCH, ONTARIO GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY SPEAKER: Jane E. MacNamara The Archives of Ontario is a rich source for family history. You can find records of birth, marriage, death, and divorce, land records,[...]

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Me and my blog

My name is Jane MacNamara and I’m intrigued by history, particularly family and local history.

I enjoy the hunt. No detail is too insignificant to consume hours of search time. The more obscure the record the better. Indexes, pshaw! (Actually, I really like a good index.)

And if I can find a story that no one else has put together, well, there’s not much better.

A close second, though, is the look on someone’s face when they begin to understand the records and research process—and truly enjoy the search. I love to teach.

This blog is about my search, how what I learn along the way can help with your research, and who knows where the story takes me…

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To contact me about speaking engagements, writing or research, use this link to send an email.

What are those pictures at the top of the page?

 crocus Crocus blooms, Toronto, Ontario
  Chicory flower, Don Valley Brick Works, Toronto
  Trees on the rim of the Don Valley Brick Works, Toronto
  Cider apples (and authentic Kentish ladybug), Brogdale Farm, Kent, England
  Window in flint wall, Godmersham Church, Kent England
  Doynton church, Gloucestershire, England
  Detail of Old City Hall, Toronto
  Cobnut tree, Brogdale Farm, Kent, England

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